Tapping Into the Hidden Job Market

“Once upon a time, the want ads were king, and job seekers could be relatively successful in finding employment by pounding the pavement based on what the want ads and job boards were offering.”

“In the current workplace climate, that pavement has significantly narrowed.”

“Unfortunately, many college students are unaware of the hidden job market and still operate under the notion that earning a degree and responding to job posts is all they need to do to land a great job.”

by William Frierson

Read more: http://www.collegerecruiter.com/blog/2013/08/21/tapping-into-the-hidden-job-market/

streetsmartprof‘s insight:

Tapping a keg, or a watermelon, takes a certain amount of skill, knowledge of the right steps, and the right equipment.

Coming out of college, you have the right skills to go find a job.

The larger question is do you have the right steps to take in your job hunt?

William breaks down finding a job in the hidden market using 5 easy tips. The article is worth reviewing for ideas, even if you are not actively looking for a job “yet”.

Want the melon tapper, go here:


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