5 Secrets of Networking for Job Seekers


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If you are looking for more then a quick article on networking, take some quality time to review this slideshare deck. Yes, it is long, yet it is written as a complete workshop on how to network.

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The Hidden Job Market – How to Locate – Part 2

How to Sniff Out the Hidden Job Market

Talk to anybody who is job hunting and they will advise how depressing it is to send off tons of resumes with only a 1 to 3% response. When they finally get an interview and show up, there is a line of people all fighting for the same job. The odds are just not in your favor today.

Mention the hidden job market and odds are their eyes will roll back into their head and it slowly shakes back and forth. Making one wonder, if most of the dream jobs are in the hidden market, how tough can it actually be to go find them?

Where Exactly is the Hidden Job Market

In part 1 we discovered the hidden job market is right in front of you. However, there is one little catch. It is accessed via your network of contacts. Yea, the dreaded thing none of us, (including me), every really want to do lots – go network.

The good news, we also uncovered a great tool which is at your finger types to help launch your professional network into high gear. LinkedIn is by far the best site to build out your network and begin looking for your dream job. Start here, then move on to other social tools you prefer.Continue reading

The Hidden Job Market – Why Did They Hide It? – Part 1

How to locate and find the dream jobs which are hidden.

The hidden job market and how to find.With 80% of the jobs being filled by some sort of referral, it is becoming more difficult to find a job on line. Leaving 100% of the people fighting over the 20% posted.

If “spray and pray” is the only way you are looking for a job, we hope you are lucky. Another way is  to locate the hidden job market. And focus on the hiring process by aligning your skills and capabilities with the needs of the hiring companies.

Job Searchers Work Opposite to What Hiring Managers Do Naturally

If you were a hiring manager, would you place an ad in the local paper? “Hoping” to find a new employee with all the skills and capabilities required. Knowing it is 50/50 a person hired from outside will even fit the job.

What is it hiring managers naturally do? They first look inside their own company and then talk to friends and peers about people they know.Continue reading

Networking for a Job or a Career Change via LinkedIn

It is never too late, or too early, to start networkingA solid network will help you advance your career.

I sure wish I had listened to these words as I walked down the road of life. Yet the hard truth, I was too lazy and really did not see the advantage. Networking was always something I would do later.

My early days begin when we were using “printed” phone books to look up numbers and had boxes stuffed with business cards.

My recommendation, don’t follow the path I walked.

In the business world, networking is now much easier today and it is required.Continue reading