How Street-Smarts Helps Your Career

As I headed out the door, all I was thinking:

Having one of those days.“What a day, sure glad I’m out of here. Too bad I have to come back.”

If this is not  how you want to feel as you are leaving work. Let’s start at the beginning. The game of life is finding the right companies you want to work for, not just those who want to see a resume.

If the end game is finding companies you will enjoy working for, where should you start?

You paid for college in an area of your strengths, interest and capabilities. If you didn’t go to college, you have paid to learn what you know today in other ways. If you want to land a job with a favorable company. Does it make sense your skills and capabilities will need to match what it is they are looking to hire?

To thrive in your career, one of the best things you can do is determine your sweet-spot.

Our objective is to help you pinpoint your strengths, interest, (we call them beliefs), and capabilities as you develop your sweet spot. These 3 areas help to define your sweet spot.

Whether you are entering your first job, looking to make a career change or it is just time to move on. Let’s use these 3 areas to drill into the “how” behind the “what and why”.

An example: The “what” is finding the right company to work for which is in your sweet-spot. The “why” is being happy in your career and making money to satisfy how you want to live. So how do you go about finding the companies which fit your sweet-spot?

  • First is to define your own sweet spot and what it is you would enjoy doing.
  • Next up is to be prepared to interview with the type of companies you are going to seek out.
  • Along the way, avoid dead end jobs and/or companies.
  • When you are ready to jump into the hiring process, think back to how and why you chose the college you attended.
  • Take all of these points and define a chosen list of companies you want to pursue.

These 5 areas will help launch you into finding and landing a job at a company you have chosen. However, when an area comes up which we do not cover, we will point you to other resources. (Such as writing or improving the look and feel of your resume, we suggest going here as a start. Our expertise on resumes is “what” to include and “why”, not the details of how to prepare and send off.)

If this is your first visit to the site, here are 5 articles we recommend which match “how” to find your dream job.  These articles provide a foundation around the life lessons we will be providing. Helping you thrive in your future, or current career.

  1. Define Your Sweet Spot Before Interviewing
  2. Interview Successfully by Being Prepared to Sell
  3. How to Avoid Landing in a Dead End Company
  4. The Hiring Process is Like Choosing a College
  5. How to Find the Right Companies for Your Sweet-spot

After reading these articles, here are the street-smart categories which dwell into “how and when” of the subjects discussed above.

There is an old saying how if you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there. Your career growth is very similar. Our recommendation, take charge of where the wind blows and grow your career the way you want it to end.