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Helping You Navigate the Ups and Downs of Your CareerUnderstanding How and When Provides a Competitive Edge in Career Growth

During the early years of our careers there is plenty of advice on “what” to do. Unfortunately there is little to no information around “how” to do it and “when”.

Each of us cares more about our career growth then others.

Compared to most any manager we will ever work for in a company we will always care more about our own career growth. This drive provides us a competitive edge to rise above the noise in the interviewing process for our dream job.

Next, by understanding how our skills and capabilities will help a hiring manager satisfy their needs. As well as understanding where in the hiring process they are at, we can stay in alignment during the hiring review and decision making.

The final step is to than focus on the hiring manager and the job requirements as we build out materials to have conversations. This is where we need the most input in our early years in terms of

  • Preparing for the job search
  • Building Resumes and Interviewing
  • Finding a job which fits us
  • Growing in our careers
  • Continuously developing our skills and capabilities.

Being able to use the knowledge of those who have been there before can save us valuable time and helps us avoid the pot holes in the roads using street-smarts.


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