Advance Your Career Growth at a Startup – 4 Ideas How

“One of the things people love about working at small startups is the flat management structure.”

“Instead of presenting your ideas to your manager’s manager… you can focus on simply executing them.”

“But even in this type of environment, a year or so after you’ve gotten a job you love, you might be looking for new challenges (and maybe even more money).”

“So, how do you continue to advance your career…?

by Alison Johnston Rue

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Alison covers 4 ideas of how to accelerate the growth of your career in a startup company.

She covers each idea and provides around how to initiate each one:

1. Join a Growing Company

2. Be Upfront About Your Goals

3. Pick Up New Projects

4. Be a Leader

Worth a quick read if you are considering which type of startup to join and/or are already working for a young company.

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