For Career Growth, Plant Where You Can Bloom

“Plant yourself where you can bloom.”

“This is a lesson I learned the hard way. I wasted years of my early career waiting for validation from a few key people to do what I already knew I was made to do.”

“They kept me on a string for years and I was obliged to stay there, sure that they were the only road to where I was going.”

“Time has taught me not to look to another person as my key. My beliefs are my key. My actions are my key. They can trap me, or they can set me free.”

by Chance Scoggins


streetsmartprof‘s insight:

The flip side of finding a place you can grow is to grow where you are planted.

The author provides an example why this may not be your best advice.

“Imagine yourself planting a seed in a toxic waste dump. You could dig the perfect hole. You could water it, feed it, give it sunlight and air – but no amount of tending that seed will produce fruit. And what if it did…would you want to eat it?”

Understanding the culture you will thrive in during your career is a necessary requirement. Make sure to always go in eyes wide open.

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