Do You Have a Job Search Strategy?

“Are you approaching your job search strategically? If you’re not sure how to answer that question or you’re shaking your head with an emphatic “no”, this post is for you.

Having a job search strategy sounds like a good thing, but what does that really mean? We tend to throw around the word “strategy” a lot, and I think it helps to come back to the definition: “a method or plan to bring about a desired future” and “the art and science of planning and marshalling resources for their most efficient and effective use.”

So, having a strategy means you have a plan to bring about your desired future (a new job), while efficiently and effectively using resources (your time and energy). Sounds straightforward, but it’s something many job seekers don’t do, instead jumping into their search without taking the time upfront to plan.”

by Erin Ewart

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

To know if you are prepared for an upcoming interview for your dream job, read Erin’s article about having a plan in place. This is the last point in the article above and is my favorite.

Planning your career starts with a close review of where you are today and where you want to end up. Erin also discusses having it all wrapped together in a story to share with the hiring manager.

If you have solid story of “why they should consider you”. It is much easier for the hiring manager to see your strengths, skills and competence when they are deciding on who they will hire.

The job search is not about filling in the blanks. It is about telling your story about why you are the best employee for the position.

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