Do You Have a Job Search Strategy?

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“In my conversations with job seekers… They’re pretty clear on the tactical elements involved in recruitment.”


“What is often missing is a conscious job search strategy… think of a job search as a process that should be thought out and optimized…”


“…I often start with this question: “Why should I hire you?” Understanding and being able to answer this question means knowing your worth and how to communicate it.”


by Victorio Milian


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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

Being prepared to answer the question above helps you jump off the resume and become a memorable person during an interview.


Yet more important, if all of your personal branding helps support this question.


It is that much easier for others, including hiring managers, to see your strengths, skills and competence when they are looking to fill open positions.


The job search is not about filling in the blanks. It is about telling your story about why you are the best employee for the job you desire.

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