Rise to the Top by Being Unique in the Job Search

“Who are you?”

“It’s what most hiring decision-makers want to know when screening resumes or planning an interview.”

“The question seems reasonable, even obvious, but during a job search, it’s easy to overlook.”

“The answer to this question is what sets you apart from  candidates who could have the same credentials and background. These are your soft skills.” by Kim Thompson

streetsmartprof‘s insight:

With north of 50% of companies using software to screen resumes, keywords to even land on a hiring managers desk are critical.

Good news, you get this far based on a resume with the right keywords. Now what? Why would a hiring manager stop and read, not scan, your resume?

In a group of job seekers when Kim asked to describe yourself, their words were: “a loyal worker, team player, dedicated, good ethics, trustworthy and dependable”.

It is not easy, but some way, some how, you need to descibe in concise words “why” you are these words and “how” you demonstrate these soft skills.

A great Ted Video around “why” is by Simon Sinek, may provide you with some ideas. Granted it is around companies “why”, but you are your own marketing department when it comes down to getting a job. http://youtu.be/qp0HIF3SfI4

The answers to your “why” will recide in your life lessons both on and off the job. Think about major projects and/or accomplishments in your life. Use these to demonstrate why you are unique. Both in your resume and at job interviews.

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