Job Seekers: How LinkedIn’s New Search Capabilities Can Help You

“Since it’s such a popular feature, LinkedIn users demanded a better search experience.”

“The good news is this new search makes it easier for recruiters to find you but ONLY if you’ve written your profile correctly.”

“Here are three ways to leverage LinkedIn’s new search approach.” by Joshua Waldman

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

Trying to figure out which keywords to use in your profile can be a guessing game. One way to help is to use the auto complete suggestions as you type words into the new searches. See point #2 in the article for how, auto complete for keyword research.

LinkedIn is moving the way of most valid search engines. Learning as you search and as your network grows. This implies it is a good idea to hit the save button for searches which provide you with value.

Such as how do you rank for certain keywords. Save the searches to see if your profile is making progress. SEO is not only about your blog.

If you want a quick word cloud to see how the search engine looks at your keywords, go here. Quick cut/copy/paste of your profile can build a complete word cloud of key words in seconds.

One you have the right keywords for your dream job. Jump to the new jobs section. It will  help you quickly review open positions in companies from your network.

From LinkedIn beginner to expert, the article has numerous solid ideas of how to build better searches to save you time while casting a bigger net during the job hunt.

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