Use LinkedIn to Locate the Hidden Job Market for Your Job Search

“The term hidden job market refers to jobs not advertised and they generally fall into three categories.”

“The first are those that are known to a handful of people including executive search firms.”

“The second are the jobs that are discussed internally but have not been posted.”

“The third category is when there is a problem waiting for a solution but no position has been identified.”

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

Don provides insight around the 3 categories as defined above to help understand why the hidden job market exist and how to help find them during your job search.

HINT: It is easy to say use the right search terms in your profile, but how do you see through the eyes of a bot, go here:

The second half of the article discusses how to utilize the capabilities within LinkedIn to help locate the hidden jobs within your desired positions and companies.

Whether you are a new user or an expert on LinkedIn, Don’s ideas will likely have a few nuggets which can be setup and running with a small amount of effort.

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