Job Seekers: What to ask in an informational interview

“Since most informational interviews are short — often just 15 or 20 minutes — it’s smart to lead with what’s most relevant to your job search.

“Freiberger suggests bringing a list of questions in descending order of importance.”

“As for what to avoid asking, he says, “Aside from questions that are ridiculously inappropriate … there is only one absolute taboo: Don’t ask for a job.” If all goes well, that will come later.” by Anne Fisher

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

As the article points out, use open ended questions around your interest and the person across the table. Which means you must come prepared with “open ended” questions to ask and have an idea what the person you are meeting with is interested in themselves.

There are 10 great open ended questions in the article to help you craft some around your dream job and the skills and capabilities you bring to the table. Plus make sure any questions you ask lean towards what the person on the other side of the table will be interested in discussing.

Next up is getting an informational interview. Here is a link which provides numerous ways to make a connection inside a company you would like to work for longer term.

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