Job Search: How To Focus with Less “What,” More “Why”

“Your job search will be more successful if you focus less on what you’d like to do and more on why you’re doing it.”

“If we started thinking less about what day-to-day tasks we wanted to do while at work (the ‘what’) and reflected more on the things we wanted to achieve, accomplish or bring about (the ‘why’), we’d have a much easier time determining which field/industry we want to enter, companies we’d like to work for and jobs we’d like to apply for.” By Rachel McKee

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

Rachel is definetly on the right path. The only small addition I would add is after you’ve decided on your why. Start looking for companies which match your why.

Don’t just settle for any job, “if” there are oppertunites in companies which “fit you and your why”.

Simon Sinek does a great Ted talk around the Why, How, and What. If you haven’t seen it before, it is worth the time. It helps define the “why” in the article above as well as the companies you will pursue.

During the job search, your skills and capabilities help you pintpoint the types of jobs you can add value. Howevever, if the job and the company is unable to fill your passion in life, your “why”, it makes the days that much longer.

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