Job Seekers: 10 Unconventional Very Effective Tips

When you ask any professional who has achieved some level of greatness how he or she got there, the journey is always unique, always varied, and rarely cookie-cutter.”

“Most have, in some capacity, followed their passion, used their network, and had a good resume–but those things are usually part of a much bigger picture, and an unpredictable winding path.”

“Instead of always following the exact by-the-book job seeking formulas, most were simply open to possibilities and got really good at whatever it is they were doing.” by Isa Adney,

“Here are 10 unconventional (but very effective) things job seekers should try, in addition to traditional job search tactics.” by Jacquelyn Smith-Forbes

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

I enjoy reading Jacquelyn Smith. Her advice is always grounded with input from other experts, as well as her own insight to what is working and what is not around job seeking and growing your career.

The article touches on numerous ideas you may want to consider if you are currently on the job hunt. Just make sure to read Parnell’s input before jumping in with both feet:

Parnell says generally speaking, unconventional methods should be used sparingly, judiciously and only when necessary. “And when you do decide to use them, factor comprehensively by recognizing things like industry standards, personalities involved, and the general ilk of the position’s responsibilities, before strategizing.”

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