To Grow Your Career Leave the Attitude at the Door

I frequently tell our interns and young professionals that skills can be taught, but a positive attitude can’t.”

“For this reason, it’s so important to bring your best self to work every day.”

“Professionals want to work with other nice individuals. It’s difficult to work with negative people.”

“It makes the work day more challenging, and most businesses have a list of challenging tasks already on their agenda.” by Andrea Sabia

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

One of the hidden points of the article is hiring managers are trained to look for and hire positive attitude. If you want to grow in your career, your attitude is what people see first and likely remember the most about you.

In the article Andrea uses an example of an intern being asked to take care of an adminstrative task. Or she could be discussing an employee with 5 years of experience. The points made are the same.

When you are asked to do things you believe are “below your status”, what is your response? One word answers or ?

In social situations, do you hang out with people who are fun or those who have a negative outlook on life?

My style is to join up with people who jump in regardless of what is going to happen and do their best to make it fun.

We all know work is work. However, we can have a positive attitude and help make the day go faster. Or we can shrink down inside ourselves and ride out the day. Of course the later will likely hurt any chances of accelerating our career growth and we probably won’t have many friends at work.

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