How Job Seekers Learn From Bad Interviews

“Bad job interview? Be sure to learn from it and then move on without further ado, advises Heather McNab.

Dwelling on it will only hang over you and kill your confidence. “You certainly don’t want to one bad experience to impact your future interviews too,” says McNab.

“Here’s how to learn from a poor performance — and then let it go.” by Amy Levin-Epstein

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Short quick read with plenty of ideas of how to review what just happened in a bad interview. Than using the pro’s and con’s of what was learned, get ready and move on.

The glass is always half full or half empty. The choice is yours to make, especially during tough times while looking for work.

Bad interviews are bound to happen to all of us and as Amy points out. It may just have been a signal the job was not the right one for you and your career.

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