In Career Growth Body Language Plays a Role

“Body language plays an important role in leadership success.”

“Many leaders focus on verbal skills, but they fail to realize there are two conversations going on when they meet another person.”

“Reading people successfully means collecting non-verbal information to evaluate thoughts and emotions. It is a skill that requires constant practice and training.”

“To assist with this training, I’m going to provide you with 10 commandments to maximize your ability to accurately read non-verbals:” by LaRae Quy

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streetsmartprof‘s insight:

LaRae as an FBI agent who needed to be able to determine if someone was telling the truth shares her wealth of knowledge around how to listen to non-verbal clues.

I like how she helps understand no one clue is a “tell” and we must all learn how to read between the lines.

Part of career growth is being able to understand our boses and peers as we are working on projects. Our own perception is an issue in the best of times. If we are not listening to non-verbal clues, we can easily head down a dead end.

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