Top Job Seekers Prepare for Interviews in Advance

Interviews are often listed as one of the most stressful situations in which a person can find themselves…”

“Admittedly, a lot might be riding on the outcome of an interview: increased earnings, the chance to relocate, the opportunity for a better life, thus it’s natural to feel a bit nervous.”

“However, with the right preparation, there’s no need to feel out of your depth.” by Andy Thomas

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In the article Andy covers 3 main topics to consider before you arrive at the interview.

1 – Under research, be prepared to answer the question, “What do you know about the company?”

2 – In terms of advice, this is from those who know more about the company than you do. Use those who helped you land the interview to get the inside scoop as much as you can. Don’t go in blind folded.

3 – The job description contains a host of information around the types of questions both the interviewer and you should be asking. Focus on what it is they are looking for and be prepared to tailor your past experience around what is important in the job they are looking to fill.

Hiring managers are looking to hire the top people for open positions. By arriving prepared to have a business conversation around the open position, you will rise above the noise and be remembered. Those who show up unprepared are quickly forgotten.

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