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What the experts recommend for a job search

How to find and capture the right information I started this article back in 2012 and have been hunting for the current answer ever since. At first I figured a quick 30 minutes to refresh my knowledge.  Boy was I wrong…

Type in “job search”, (use quotations for an exact match), on Google and 170 Million hits show up today in 2018. Using “job search experts”, the search results drop to 19,000.

The job search is like building a movie one frame at a time.

You land, turn the page, and keep going. Slowly a pattern emerges.

  1. Use what the Job Resource Experts have already found to work the best in the job hunt.
  2. In the 170 million job search links, tons of stuff is repeated over and over and over.
  3. Many of the millions of pages want one thing, your money.
  4. The “true experts” provide content with depth and experience which is mostly free.

The top recommended job search resources.

Many of the job research websites to help in your job search are extensive. For convenience, some of the best pages to bookmark for future reference are listed below. (These links will help you avoid some of the on line advertising redirects listed on the sites numerous pages.)

How job search resource sites help you.

The top “job resource sites” are used to figure out where to begin and how to perform a better job search which matches your skills, abilities and competence. They are not “job search sites”, which are primarily used to seek out open positions, also known as job boards, after you have outlined the job search steps which will work for you.

Each job resource site will help you in different ways and together they build a complete view of what to expect and why. I caution you, they are all about the size of a book in terms of content. This is not a quick 10 minute review to get up to speed.

It is recommended you spend some quality time on various job resource sites, reviewing the categories, subjects and articles to determine what will help you the most. Over time you will gravitate to the sites you prefer.

When you are ready, “dive in”, the water is plenty deep.

Use the job resource sites to determine “how” to effectively seek out and find your dream job.

Yet there is one more thing before you jump into the water.

Here is a recap of “before you go on line “. This article will help you figure out the “What, Who and Where” to avoid wasting your valuable time before building the first resume to email or post.

  • The What: Know your keywords.
  • The Who: Which companies and/or industries are you interested in pursuing.
  • The Where:  The area you prefer to work and live in.

Use keywords, companies and location to help find ” your sweet spot “.

  • The keywords are found within current job postings and descriptions on ” job search sites “, (such as Indeed),  which align with your skills and capabilities.
  • It is these specific skills and capabilities companies are looking to hire to help grow “their business”.
  • Your beliefs line up with companies where you will have the best likely hood of thriving in your career.
  • Many industries are grouped in specific geography’s which drives growth. Some places you may just not want to live. Balance out the two to thrive.

The experts advise how the hidden job market is critical for your dream job. 

I lied above, there is one more thing much more important then your time. It is your career and how to find “your” dream job.

If you are planning on spraying and praying by posting your resume all over the Internet and “hoping” to land a job. Consider this as “a way to find a job”. (Unfortunately 80% of all jobs are “not” posted on job boards or sites.) Yet if this works for you, here is a resource of current tips and tactics for job seekers  which will help you in job hunting.

For those of you who are interested in the hidden job market, here is a free eBook. The book covers the hidden job market and how to find it for your job search. With numerous tips and tactics to get started to finding your dream job.

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