Questions for Job Seekers to Ask During an Interview and Some to Avoid

“A job interview is a two-way street. While you need to use it as an opportunity to convince the employer that you are the best candidate for the job, you also need to be convinced that the job and the company would be a great fit for you.”

“So when the tables are turned and you’re invited to ask questions, do it. “Remember that hiring managers appreciate an engaged conversation and value an inquisitive mind,” Taylor says. This may be your best chance to determine whether the job or the company is right for you.” by Jacquelyn Smith

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If you are looking for examples of open ended questions to ask during an interview, jump to the bottom of the article.

The intro builds the case as to why you need to come prepared for the end of the interview and the hiring manager says, “Do you have any questions for me?”.

This is a defining moment and it is not the right time to go quiet. Providing you can picture your future dream job in your mind, now is the time to ask questions around what it is you want out of a position, the boss and/or the company.

Many people “wing it” when it comes time to answering questions. Coming in prepared is just another way job seekers rise above the noise and help land the job.

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