During Job Search How to Nail The Social Interview

“Job seekers, listen up! Your interview doesn’t begin when an employer calls you. It doesn’t begin when you walk into an office. And it certainly doesn’t begin after you’ve done all the talking.”

“It likely begins before you even know it, through a simple online search to check out your presence. Essentially, you’re being “interviewed” online through your social networks — before the background check, before the phone call and before you have any sort of conversation with a potential employer.”

“So, how can you nail this new sort of social job interview? by Alan Carniolnn

Let’s explore: http://mashable.com/2013/04/20/social-job-interview/

streetsmartprof‘s insight:

Alan writes an interesting perspective around the typical job interview to remind all of us what is occuring upstream.

Our social foot prints are certainly easily discovered and it makes sense for any hiring manager to do a quick google check before spending time seeing anybody.

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