Career Growth and Moving on Up: 5 Tips for Networking in a New City

“Sometimes, our lives bring us new and unexpected adventures… like making a big move to a new city.”

“Whether you’re moving for a summer internship, your first job, taking a big career leap, or starting over in a new industry, moving to a new city for your career comes with a lot of new to-do items, including building a local personal network.”

“For many, in fact, networking is a key factor in creating your new home–both professionally and personally. But how do you know who to talk to? What if you don’t know anyone in the city?”

“Don’t worry. Here’s some tips to employ when networking in a new city:” by Jackalope Jobs

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A quick read on 5 tips to help you land on your feet in a new city while building your new career.

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In Career Growth Body Language Plays a Role

“Body language plays an important role in leadership success.”

“Many leaders focus on verbal skills, but they fail to realize there are two conversations going on when they meet another person.”

“Reading people successfully means collecting non-verbal information to evaluate thoughts and emotions. It is a skill that requires constant practice and training.”

“To assist with this training, I’m going to provide you with 10 commandments to maximize your ability to accurately read non-verbals:” by LaRae Quy

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LaRae as an FBI agent who needed to be able to determine if someone was telling the truth shares her wealth of knowledge around how to listen to non-verbal clues.

I like how she helps understand no one clue is a “tell” and we must all learn how to read between the lines.

Part of career growth is being able to understand our boses and peers as we are working on projects. Our own perception is an issue in the best of times. If we are not listening to non-verbal clues, we can easily head down a dead end.

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Career Growth – If Software Could Do Your Job – Change May be Next

“This isn’t just an interesting trend for tech or economics nerds to puzzle over; it’s a very real phenomenon that is going to impact your career.”

“So ask yourself: could software basically do your job? What about just some of it?”

“If significant portions of your job could be handled by software, you need to think very seriously about whether the career path you’re on is the right one.” by Walter Frick

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Productivity improvements are part of what keeps a company healthy and competitive. During economic growth, most positions which are eliminated are replaced with other positions which bring higher value.

From personal observations, during good times, individuals move around alot within a company which is growing as they and their jobs evolve.

During bad times, it is not uncommon to focus on reducing the cost to produce things. Which includes the office as well as manufacturing jobs.

When there is low or no growth, as positions are removed, others jobs are not being created as quickly. Layoffs and turnover increases and it is a viscous cycle for positive career growth.

Evolution is all about change, or things disappear. The same is true for companies and our own career growth. One of the best ways to not become obsolete. Continue to develop skills and capabilties your company can use as you head towards your dream job.

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Career Growth: 5 Steps to Personal Growth

Over the past 20 years, I’ve learned a lot about managing my career.”

“Today, I’d like to introduce you to the 5 principles that have guided my career to what I now happily refer to as my #dreamjob at In writing this article, I hope to create a catalyst for change in your career.”

“In addition to the principles below, I’ve also provided a call to action with Take Action tips.”

“A wise teacher of mine once said “we learn by doing”, and that’s exactly what you must do to drive your personal growth and career success to a new level.” by Daryl Spreiter, Sr. Manager, Onboarding, Curriculum & Coaching at

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If you are realtively new and/or just entering your career, consider reading from the bottom up.

Point 5 is around taking charge of your own career and point 4 is around branding yourself.

In Daryl’s own words, “I learned a long time ago that no one cared as much about my career growth as myself.” Which are wise words to live by as you seek out your dream job.

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To Grow Your Career Leave the Attitude at the Door

I frequently tell our interns and young professionals that skills can be taught, but a positive attitude can’t.”

“For this reason, it’s so important to bring your best self to work every day.”

“Professionals want to work with other nice individuals. It’s difficult to work with negative people.”

“It makes the work day more challenging, and most businesses have a list of challenging tasks already on their agenda.” by Andrea Sabia

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One of the hidden points of the article is hiring managers are trained to look for and hire positive attitude. If you want to grow in your career, your attitude is what people see first and likely remember the most about you.

In the article Andrea uses an example of an intern being asked to take care of an adminstrative task. Or she could be discussing an employee with 5 years of experience. The points made are the same.

When you are asked to do things you believe are “below your status”, what is your response? One word answers or ?

In social situations, do you hang out with people who are fun or those who have a negative outlook on life?

My style is to join up with people who jump in regardless of what is going to happen and do their best to make it fun.

We all know work is work. However, we can have a positive attitude and help make the day go faster. Or we can shrink down inside ourselves and ride out the day. Of course the later will likely hurt any chances of accelerating our career growth and we probably won’t have many friends at work.

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