Advance Your Career with a Volunteer Opportunity

“Do you need more project management experience to move forward in your career? Or maybe learning a new software program would help”

“Whatever expertise you want to develop, there’s likely an organization or project already in progress that could help you do it.”

“Another way to search for the right opportunity takes just the opposite tack: start with what you can give instead of what you want to get.” by April Greene

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The article discusses using two main approaches while searching for volunteer opportunities.

1 What experience and/or knowledge do you want to gain.

2 What experience and/or knoledge can you contribute.

Providing resources to locate potential ideas by the Idealist search engine:

Here is a success story about Jessica who turned a volunteer opportunity into a full time job.

Prior to reading the article I had not considered using a volunteer postion to help develop skills and capabilities while growing a career. In hind sight, it is a great way to network, give back to your community and obtain on the job training all at the same time.

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